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We believe that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in an Organization’s ongoing business success. We seek out those candidates who have the potential to become an asset in the growth of an organization. Right man by right time at right cost. Our mission is not to become simply a supplier of manpower but a genuine partner of our client’s progress and prosperity. Our main goal is to furnish our clients with talent they need and when they need it.

Our leadership team comprises highly experienced campaigners who had been always impeccable with their business development strategies. Our corporate culture has always been to deliver the best services to our clients in proper time and follow most ethical and transparent business strategies.

Some of the factors that distinguish our services from our competitors include :

   ◉ More than a decade of experience as a leader in the field of Overseas Recruitment.
   ◉ Computerized base databank for all categories of Un-Skilled to Professionals.
   ◉ Immediate response to Client’s specific recruitment enquiry.
   ◉ We work with the right approach, are loyal to our commitments and maintain clear & transparent dealings with all our Clients.
   ◉ We are concerned about the quality of our Principals as we are about the professional eminence of our Recruits.

The processes we conduct during the selection of Candidates base on the Requirement of our Principals are :

   ◉ Qualify the candidates available in our manual and computerized system Data Bank.
   ◉ Conduct the Trade Tests (if required); and conduct personal interviews for individual assessment.
   ◉ Arrange and prepare candidates for interview with Employer’s Representatives.
   ◉ Arrange to conduct pre-health check up in GCC approved Medical Centers for selected candidates.
   ◉ Prepare the required documents for submission.
   ◉ Facilitate visa issuance from the respective embassies for selected candidates.
   ◉ Co-ordinate with Client for airline booking for selected and visa endorsed candidates.
   ◉ Provide pre-departure orientation seminars.
   ◉ Liaise with employer to facilitate relocation-relate.
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